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I suggest as a minimum.          Rank / Name / Your year(s) at Bawdsey / Trade / Section / Where you are now / email address 

If people wish me to retain their email addresses and not post them I will do so and only release them to those who also appear on the Rollcall. 

SAC Johnny Sherrington.    Bawdsey,  1959 - 1960  "Worked in the top site canteen. with SAC Fisk.
Posted in from RAF Wartling and Beachy Head.Then demobbed from Bawdsey Sept. 1960, Now  Living in Woking, Surrey"

Cpl. Ray Shakeshaft, Bawdsey 1952 - 56.  Pay Accts.  (See Memories page for other colleagues).  "1954 Married LACW Yvonne Curtis - Medic. (Sadly died in 1997). Worked in Officers Mess Office, Catering Office and Pay Accts. Now living in Kidderminster.  ............and now managing this website".

Dick Barrett .- I was at Bawdsey 72-74 as an LFIT GR (a Radar Tech in other words!). See Memories page for contact details)

Bob Newstead .  Posted to Bawdsey in 1950. Now living in Aberdeen. See Memories page  

Cpl Gary Wicks (Wicksie) Nov '86 - Mar '87 (detached from Wattisham)." Went on from there to Germany for 7 years and have just completed 3 years in Italy Now embarking on my final tour at Leeming (where I started my career in '83) TG11 TCC Commcen.  I can always be found at and floating around at / / (I guess you could say this is what I shall be doing with my life after the RAF)"

Roger Holton.  "Apr 58 - 59 at Bawdsey as an ADO straight from Compton Bassett (National Service No. 5058197) then posted to RAF Bassingbourne as a u/t Ops Clk. signed on and posted to 735 MBSRU RAF Ouston ended up doing 22 yrs. Now retired living in Watton Norfolk right next door to the old Eastern Rad site".

Sylvia "Babs" Lee (Married name - Cambridge) WRAF No. 2825223. Bawdsey 1954 - 58. Now living in Queensland, Australia.

SAC Tony Goodacre.  (4181948)  Pay Accounts.   "At Bawdsey from mid 1956 until Easter 1958 when I was posted to Christmas Island for the H-Bomb tests.   (Spent Easter 1958 in Hawaii waiting for a Hastings flight to Christmas Island - it was tough in the R.A.F.!!!!).   Best known at Bawdsey for forming the Tigers Skiffle Group with the late Paul Keene, and have been singing country music professionally ever since.   e-mail address and my web-site   See the Fan Club section for current list of bookings". Pictures from Tony

Sergeant Raymond Johannessen, B4239097  ADO,  B Watch 2 Sqdn Ops. 1967 - 1970.

Mike James  Bawdsey in1950. I was a National Serviceman on a CH Radar Mechanics Course, I went to Bawdsey after a period at Yatesbury

SAC Mike Shaw. My  Service number started 2450...(?)   Bawdsey 1950 to Dec,1951. CH mechanic, Now lives in West Wickham.   Memories and  Pictures from Mike. 

SAC Robert Dawkins A8 110372 I was at Bawdsey in 1974 on the school. "Even though I was there only a short time it was a good intro to the real RAF"

 SAC Michael Faraday 2594255.   'A' Crew (ex Trimley Heath)  I was at Bawdsey from early 1954 - June     See Memories

SAC Mike Critchlow. L8107511   I was only there for a few short months, from end November 1973 to about February 1974.
 "I was a trainee scopey, (Aerospace Systems Operator), at the School of Fighter Control.  I arrived there fresh from Swinderby.  I was instructed in the joys of plotting and telling, Geo Ref, Type 80's and FPS6's and all manner of radar related topics, before being let loose to ply my trade at West Drayton".  see Memories
 JT/Cpl Garry Wall, K8200432 "I served at Bawdsey 1983-88 as part of Yellow section when Bawdsey was 85 Sqn C Flt - Bloodhound Surface To Air Missile Sqn. Lived in the White Tower part of the manor until 1985, then got married and lived in quarters at Alderton. Posted in 1988. Fond memories of my time at Bawdsey - The Ferry, Ramsholt Arms(nice pint of Adnams), woodbridge and its tide mill, and lots more. Still in the RAF, serving at Shawbury in Shropshire". 

SAC Colin Gompertz, 5063931, Bawdsey - February 1959 to November 1960. Clk Org worked in Air Publications and Forms Store (APFS) 

Cpl Robert Jones, 1411401  Radar Mech from Dec 1943 to Nov 1944 WARTIME BAWDSEYITE  at K-site (10-cm radar). (Bob now lives in British Columbia but he gets the 'Earliest Bawdseyite Award' having served there during the War. - No, sorry see Bill Grigsby below.  RS.) See Memories

SAC  M. J. "Henry" Cotton  (ex fighter plotter) and 

SACW Daphne Mackenzie (ex CCA) have been married 47 years at the time of writing and are retired and living in Suffolk. "We were at Bawdsey from early 1954 to October 1955 (Daphne until October 1956). We are still in regular contact with half a dozen "old lags" and have many photographs from that time". E-mail address:-

Cpl John McCue, Bawdsey 1980 - 1985, RAF Police, still in Bawdsey Village. e-mail "Sorry but I forgot to send my old service no, it was P8200007, and boy did I get some stick, last three  007, and in RAF Police".  John is Membership Secretary of the BRG and now monitors the BAWDSEY RADAR GROUP pages on this website

SAC Barry Gay   "I was stationed at R.A.F. Bawdsey from 1968 to 1972 as an (SAC) Air Def Op.  After Bawdsey I emigrated to the United States in 1973 and served for 20 years in the United States Army. In 1993 I became a U.S. Air Force Contractor at the Pentagon. I have fond memories of Bawdsey and I truly miss the friends I made". 

SAC Cliff Dawes D8098255.  "I was stationed at Bawdsey from December 1971 until July 1973. First as a student at the School of Fighter Control and then as a member of the permanent staff as an ADO down the hole at A site. Now living near and working at Gatwick". 

LAC Norman (Sam) Costa.  Bawdsey in 1949  Ground Radar Assistant on C.H.L. Also a member of the 'Crazy Gang' concert party. Now in Newbury, Berkshire.

A/Cpl William Rand. 2521782   RAF Police.   Bawdsey September 1951 - July 1953. Would like to contact others who were there at the same time. See Pictures 3

SAC Vince Taylor.  Posted in from SOC Uedem, Germany,Oct 71 worked in Ops for 6 months, posted to the School Drawing Office, promoted after 6 months then off to RAF Patrington. "Many happy memories of Bawdsey our twins were born in Little Melton, Woodbridge. PVR’d in 1994 now working and living in Norwich as an IT Techie". 

SAC Stephen Thompson. B8103490  "Aerospace Systems Operator (Ok,a Scopie) at Bawdsey from getting posted in on permanent staff in 73 to mid 74. I live in the US now where I work as a Deputy Sheriff in Colorado, assigned to firearms training and SWAT"  See Memories.

Sgt.  William (Bill) Robert Grigsby  939211 Joined RAF Oct 1939. At Bawdsey June 1943 WARTIME BAWDSEYITE Trained as a Filterer after qualifying as a Wireless Operator Direction Finding. Became a Pilot Officer September 1943 (Ser/No: 155674) Posted to Stanmore then to Watnall in Oct 1944. Demobbed March 1946.  (Bill is not on-line but I have his home address in Portugal and I can help anyone to contact him . RS)    OUR EARLIEST EX-BAWDSEYITE.

J/T  David Kinna.  2738472.  Electrical Fitter Ground.   Bawdsey Jan 1954 - Nov 1955. "If you had any personal Electrical equipment on camp you would have had to have my approval !"

SAC John. B. Turner  4198017.  ADO  Bawdsey 1957 - 59.  Billet 35L.  "I actually lived in Felixstowe so it was a bad posting for me, put in for a posting and ended up in Malta.  Bawdsey was a great station and I enjoyed my time there ,hope to attend reunion this June".
SACW  Barbara Williams (now Adams) G2845930 ADO  Bawdsey - Jan 1967 - March 1969.  Now living in Rising Sun, Indiana, USA and particularly interested in contacting ex-Bawdsey WRAF who now live in the States. See Memories Page.
Cpl/W  Margaret Durrant (now Christmas) 2824930. Served at Bawdsey from  March 1954 to August 1956, Fighter Plotter "B" Crew. Now living in Worthing, Sussex with husband she met at Bawdsey and married in August 1956............................
Cpl. John Christmas, 4124931. RAF Police Section.  Bawdsey from Oct:1953 to Feb:1958  See Pictures 2

SAC Stan Gater. 2758420 ( Radar Mechanic - GR Mech / Rotor )  at Bawdsey from 1955 -1957 posted from trade training at RAF Locking (Weston Super Mare).  Worked on the rotating heads mainly on FPS3 a parabolic rotating head radar donated by the Americans. Also on Type's 13 & 14 and the remote Type 7

LAC   John Francis Hookham, 3122801.  Served at Bawdsey May ¹50 to Sept ¹51, Ground Radar Mechanic, CHEL, now living in Cambridge.   Email address witheld but messages can be passed on. See Memories and Pictures 2

SACW   Myrtle Meads (now Cooper),  stationed at RAF Bawdsey 1959/60 then again in 1962, Trade - ADO. Now living in Dorset.

SACW Janet Foster; x2843600.  Bawdsey 1965-1968. Air Defence Operator. Now living in Todmorden, Lancashire.

SAC Donald Keith Harman,  Bawdsey May 1954 to December 1955, Radar Operator on B crew at `A` site. Now living in Kesgrave, Ipswich.

SAC Sidney 'Cliff' Clifford and

SACW Pat Crowther;  1954-5; Fighter Plotters; B Crew Ops (CCA & Canteen); Cliff re-enlisted and was back at Bawdsey as a Cpl in 1958-60 in Training Section including Practical Training down in the Ops Block. Married at end of 1955 and now live in Telford, Shropshire;

LAC Pete Dulley – Bawdsey 1950-51. "I arrived at Bawdsey in around April 1950 from Yatesbury as a Radar Mechanic on course CH1, the first to specialize on Chain Home.  I was an LAC when I was demobbed but am I unique in taking the test and being promoted to SAC whilst on 2 weeks Z Reserve"  Now living in Surrey.  See Memories .  Email Address available from RS.

LAC Alan Millership K1938176  "Arrived on 28 Dec 1960 too young to even wear the LAC badge - not 17 1/2 yrs until 9 Mar 1961 so had to work for three months with Boy entrant apparel on sleeves and hat. LAC Clk Accts from 9 Mar 61 to about Nov 61- transferred to the RAF Police section on the hill under Sgt Dave Shields until 4 Apl 1962 when I did the RAF Police basic course at Debden Essex". Now living in Weston super Mare. OR  See Memories

P/O Pat Lyford.  Bawdsey 1956-58 as a Pilot Officer (National Service) Fighter Controller.  Email address available.See Memories

SAC Tony Humphreys. K8079746 .Bawdsey 1969-1971  ASSO.  (Aero Space Systems Operator). Would love to hear from any one that remembers the good times there, especially BFN. Now living in Reading, Berks  See Memories
SAC Ken Murphy.  To Bawdsey in the summer of 1965 from RAF Bukit Gombak, Singapore, and was demobbed form Bawdsey in 1966.  Played on the Rugby team.  Now living in Florida, USA

LACW June Homer. (now Lange) 2836759  Bawdsey 1961 - 1963. Telephonist.  Now living in Australia

SACW  Dilys Powell. 2837324  Bawdsey 1962 - 1964.  ADO  Now living in London and working for the Royal Horticultural Society.  'I am looking for anyone who was at Bawdsey at the same time as me.

LAC 'Ernie'. H. Bailey 1448936 Bawdsey July 1943 to August 1944.  WARTIME BAWDSEYITE  Operator on CH. 'Whilst there I met my future wife LACW Irene Fairman who was on CHL..  'I now live in Leicester and still in touch with some old Bawdsey comrades'.

SAC Keith ('Alfie') Bass.  Bawdsey  June 1967 to do basic (ADO) trade training at the School of Fighter Control (SFC),  I left after training to go to Patrington. I returned to Bawdsey  in Oct 1972 to replace Vince Taylor (see above) in the Drawing office at the SFC  and moved with the school in 1974 to West Drayton. Now living near Bedford and work at Bedford School as a Physics Technician.

ACW1 Nadia Kelly (now Simpson) 2162509.  Bawdsey 1948.  Radar Operator on CHL Site. Also stationed at Neatishead. Has been living in Australia for around 30 years.

SACW Joy Freeman (now Flint), ADO at Bawdsey from 1963 to ‘64. Left the RAF to get married, returned to Bawdsey in 1971. Now living in North Lancashire.

Cpl Pete Smalls   3149388  Bawdsey August 1956 - demob April 1958.  Cll Org  SHQ. Registry Office. "A thoroughly enjoyable experience   I often wonder what happened to all the good old boys and girls I met there"
SAC Dave Rogers   M4276353  ADO 1964 Trade Training with a F/Sgt McGrath  1966 - 1969 2 Sqn Ops & 3 Sqn Systems Training OC Flt Lt Bill Hemsley with F/Sgt Bernie WassleNow living in Yeovil Somerset.  "Still wearing the uniform as I'm in the RAFVR(T) and OC (Flt Lt) of an Air Training Corps Sqn at a place called Castle Cary. Have been in contact with Dave Edwards, Kandi Subramanmium and Barbara Williams, but would like to hear from others from my time there"

SAC Robert 'Bob' Begley 2526086  Equipment Clk.    Bawdsey 1951 - 1953.  Equipment Section. Came down to Bawdsey from Church Fenton in Aug 1951 (I think !). In station football team 1951/1952 - See picture.

SAC Robert 'Bob' Edmonds 2712340  Bawdsey 1953-55. A Crew.

SACW Lillian Wilson (now Elizabeth Craig)) 2837079.  Bawdsey from 1962-1964.  Telephonist (and worked 'down the hole').  Now living in Washington DC having just celebrated 40th Wedding 

SAC Dennis White  3526606  ADO,  Bawdsey Christmas 1958 - Demobbed July 1961.  Started work on No. 2 Sqn., then transferred to Diversion Sqn. when it was known as Recovery Sqn.  Now disabled and living in Cwmbran, Torfaen, South Wales.  "Always wondered if I shouldn't have signed on again (but NOT as an ADO). ;-)"

P/O Terry Clary 2499457.  Bawdsey 1952. Training as a Radar Supervisor.

SAC Derek 'Geordie' Morgan D4265605.  Bawdsey Dec1961 - Jan 65.  Grd Radar Mech. Worked down the Hole in the Radar Office. Now lives in the middle of the Nullaboor Plain in S Australia.

SAC 'Phil' Phillips,  Bawdsey 1952-1953.Pay Accounts Clerk working in Pay Accounts section. "After a fair number of changes of location, I moved to Scotland about 15 years ago,where I still live"

SAC Patrick Devitt 2567139 . Bawdsey 1952/3. Radar Operator .'After Bawdsey posted onto Fairlight for the remainder of my National Service'.

J/T John Holland 1923498. Bawdsey June 1952, - January 1956. Now living in Bournemouth. See Memories.

SAC Russell Smith,  Bawdsey  1955-1957, Radar Op on A crew, I married Brenda Tomkies also a Radar Op on A crew.  See Pictures 4 .

J/T Brian Gilbert  Bawdsey 64-66  LFit/GR Worked shifts in the hole, on heads, VHF transmiters & the type 7 out in the marsh. I played in the rugby team we won the Fighter Command Cup. I was very sad to be torn away from this paradise on earth and sent back to that other part of the Royal Air Force where work seemed much less enjoyable.  I have recently retired to Hollesley.

SACW Anne Kelly (now Recardo) 2830590 Bawdsey from 1958 -1960. ADO. 'Having got an exchange posting from RAF Stanmore Park ( Excercise Plans) .In fact my first glimpse of Bawdsey was when I was bringing plans up for an Exercise to be held 'down the hole'. On getting back to Stanmore Park I put in the exchange transfer.and I never regretted it. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I am now living in Redditch Worcestershire'.

SAC Roger Whitehouse. 3526544 ADO Bawdsey 1958 - 1961. Then demobbed from ADOC Bentley Priory also in 1961 when Bawdsey was closed for a refit. Now living in Ilkley, West Yorkshire for half the year and in Spain on the Costa Blanca for the other half year. I look forward to hearing from anyone who remembers me.

 S.A.C.Leo Bell-Simmonds.  Bawdsey for just a few months in 1962 (but returned for long weekends until march 1963) I was an ADO on the type 84 trials. I now live on the beautiful island of Madeira contact

Cpl Len Mellon ex Trimley Heath and a Fighter Plotter at Bawdsey 1954 to 1955.  Last year or so of service became CCA to Flt Lt Jack Smith.     Currently still working for company based at West Malling. The site used to be RAF West Malling where 500 squadron were based and the old control tower is now a listed building.

LAC Jon Gibbs 2743588.  B crew fighter plotter/signwriter from May 1955 to Jan 1957

SACW Linda Mills  (now Jones) Bawdsey from January 1967 to July 1972. As an ADO down the hole. Very interested in any one who was there during that time.While at Bawdsey I married Peter [Chuck] Jones later got divorced .Am now living in Perth, Western Australia with my daughter.  (A couple of names that come to mind are Val Clarke, & Beryl Davies).

LAC Derek ( Del ) Brown (427190)  Radar mechanic on heads. Returned to Bawdsey from Cyprus sometime around 1965/66 and was a member of BFN. I would like to hear from any of the gang from Bawdsey Particularly Anne, Paddy, Gus, Dave, Ted or Ozzie. There are other faces but the names are lost in antiquity. I now live in Guelph , Ontario , Canada . My home email is   Also see Memories page

J/T - Sgt  Alan (Bert) Weedon. Radar Fitter. RAF Bawdsey from April 1963 to August 1966 and May 1970 to November 1970. Now living in Switzerland.  Also see Memories page

LACW Gwen Arnold (Now Reading)  Bawdsey April 1943 - October 1945. Radar Operator CH 'R' Block. WARTIME BAWDSEYITE.

(Please Note that Gwen wrote a book including her time at Bawdsey, soon to be an audio book. See Anecdote page.  We will keep you posted of the details of how to get it.  You may also be interested in an article written by Gwen for the BBC - Ray)

SAC Derek Honeygold - At 144SU Bawdsey from February 1955 to November 1956 (national service) Clerk Personnel responsible for Reserve Flights and Releases.  Still living at Pinner, Middx.

Brian Jones  5038830  - National Service at Bawdsey 1957 - 1958  Clerk.Org.- Central Registry - SHQ

SAC John Davis  4178070  S.A.C.  Pay Accts. 1957

J/T  Paul Hiscock. 5063463.   Bawdsey April 1958 - Sept 1960 Radar Op.and Training Wing.  Now living in Chippenham Wilts.

 SAC Derek (Geordie) Morgan  D4265605 . Gd.Radar Mech.Dec.1961-Jan 1965.Worked down the hole.Now retired and living in Pattaya,150km.South of Bangkok Thailand. e-mail:-

SAC Nick Hoyle  MT Driver At Bawdsey Feb 1967 to Feb 1969. Served for 22 years ended up a Sgt, stationed at Gutersloh, Lyneham, Luqa, Akrotiri, Scampton, St Athan (4SofTT) Hereford, Benson (regional driving examiner) but never forgot Bawdsey. Now fully retired from work and living in Windsor, Berkshire.
Kevin C B Greaves E8126074    Royal Air Force Police Doghandler (QPD)  Bawdsey in Oct 81 as an RAF Policeman (couldn't go on Dogs, as only had 5 months left in RAF when I got there) and was demobbed in April 82 .  Living in Weybridge, Surrey now, running my own Dog Training business. is my business website.
SAC Ray Cave  L8070358  Bawdsey 1968 & 1973. ADO. Now living in Cambridgeshire
Norman Bartlett     Bawdsey 1953-55  Radar operator, B crew.  Presently active in RAFA (Chelmsford).  Still working as journalist after earlier business career.  Married, 3 children, 7 grandchildren.

SACW Jeniffer Mitchell [now Cook]  Bawdsey 1962-63 Teletype Operator, (down the hole). Now living in Indiana USA

LAC Jim Young 2517301 RAF Bawdsey 1951 to1953, Cook Airmans Mess. Now retired ,worked at Westland Aerospace as Composites Structures Manager.  See Anecdotes.

Cpl.Phil Snelders (4140009) 1955-56  Fighter Plotter. RAF Bawdsey, where eventually I trained Fighter Plotters for their SAC exams.  See Anecdotes

Sgt Paul Dennis  Radar Fitter. Served at Bawdsey twice, first in 1962 and then again in 1965. I worked down the hole and also on the heads.

Kevin C B Greaves E8126074    Royal Air Force Police Doghandler (QPD)  Bawdsey in Oct 81 as an RAF Policeman (couldn't go on Dogs, as only had 5 months left in RAF when I got there) and was demobbed in April 82 .  Living in Weybridge, Surrey now, running my own Dog Training business. is my business website.
 SAC Alan Elmes    4118542   Pay Accts  1554 - Nov 1955.  Now living in Sussex 

Cpl Barry (Butch)  Hetherington 4257477  Bawdsey as a butcher from 1960 to 1963, and again as a MTD from 1966 to 1970. Now living in Perth, Western Australia.

Stan Howard.   Bawdsey in 1954.  'I married a WRAF, Mary Trout (sadly died in 1984)  i/c Sgts Mess for awhile after my Corporal was posted'.
.Now living in Australia